Discover wine in an all new way.

A worldwide unique database, a revolutionary app, the possibility to taste and determine wines professionally.

What grape?finder can do

Define basic properties

Record which basic properties you can recognize. What is the colour? How high is the acidity? And how much tannin can you discover?

Catch aromas

Which aromatic notes can you discover? grape?finder supports you with suggestions from different categories such as fruits, flowers, spices, and much more.

Increase your accuracy

Observe the progress and save the entered basic properties and aroma profiles.

Get the grape?finder on your smartphone!

The grape?finder is available for iOS or Android smartphones and helps at blind tastings for Wine professionals (like wine merchants, gastronoms, sommeliers) and Wine lovers.

News about the grape?finder

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Published on 10.4.2018

Make the grape?finder a customer gift! Your customer can download the app using the promotion code (PC). Contact us

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How to properly use the grape?finder

Published on 10.4.2018

According to soil, exposition, microclimate, cultivation, age of the vine and vinification varying type of wines may result from the same grape variety. However, most of the grape varieties show some typical colors and basic olfactory characteristics. Typical flavors of wines with ageing potential…

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grape?finder in the media

Published on 10.4.2018

Vinum Magazine from April 2019, Column «Reingeklickt» «Fun while learning: Tasting wine and quite besides improving your knowledge about grape varieties: The app "grapefinder" with a worldwide unique database makes professional wine tasting playfully easier. Simply select what you see in th…